Tambores Livres (Free Drums) is here to use Brazilian music, dance and art to celebrate positive action to protect indigenous, environmental and social justice in Brazil.

The groups that started this project are:

Tribo samba-reggae, UK
MarAzul capoeira/berimbau, UK
Selva carnival arts, UK
Baque Luar maracatu/côco, UK
Baque Ogum maracatu, UK
Baque de Axé maracatu, UK
With special participation from
Nação do Maracatu Porto Rico maracatu, Brazil

Notting Hill Carnival 2019

In a Carnival first, our 7 groups from the UK and Brazil performed as one, to celebrate unity and raise awareness for human and environmental rights, justice and equality in Brazil. We paraded in the knowledge that resistance shapes culture and saves communities. Everyone was welcome – We were joined by participants from far and wide to wave banners, raise placards, and make some noise. Photos coming soon!

Our theme: Heroes and Heroines of Brazilian resistance

Tambores Livres celebrated the lives and struggles of 3 Heroes of Brazilian resistance – Mestre Môa de Katendê, Marielle Franco and Caboclo 2 de Julho. The project was created with the approval of the families and loved ones of Mestre Moa and Marielle Franco and supported by indigenous activists across Brazil.

Tambores Livres honours their drive, commitment and passion for unity and justice.



This project is supported by the Arts Council National Lottery Award Project Grant (ACNLPG).