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JOIN US at Notting Hill Carnival in a vibrant Brazilian style parade for democracy and human rights.

Across London a movement is taking shape. A movement of socially concerned Brazilians and people of all corners of the world who are determined to shine a light on those that have resisted and continue to fight for rights and democracy.

TAMBORES LIVRES is unprecedented collaboration between different Brazilian musical, cultural groups, which are coming together to celebrate Brazilian heroes and heroines at Notting Hill Carnival. Tambores livres is a loud response to the rise of the far right in Brazil, where anti-democratic attitudes are growing; activists, politicians, community and cultural leaders are being assassinated; political figures are being falsely imprisoned ; and the deforestation of the Amazonian rain forest is accelerating on an unforeseen scale.

Tambores Livres will be celebrating the lives and struggles of three Brazilian heroes/heroines, MARIELLE FRANCO, MESTRE MOA and CABOCLO 2 de JULHO to the sound of a Berimbau Orchestra, four maracatu and samba reggae bands, dancers, placards/banners and very special guests.


The money raised from the t-shirts sale will go directly to the project and the surplus will be donated to community projects in the UK and Brazil.

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Marielle Franco

The second section of the carnival procession will celebrate the politician and activist Marielle Franco, who was assassinated in 2018, fighting for justice for the minorities in Rio. She denounced illegal police force (militia) activities and was a supporter of human and LGBTQ rights in Brazil.

For this section of the parade, three maracatu bands are collaboration to perform as one group. Baque Luar, Baque de Axé and Baque de Ogum to make a ‘Baque for Marielle’.

At the front of the Baque – the maracatu drum ensemble, leading the song and celebration will be Baque Luar, which has emerged as women’s-only maracatu band specialising in professional stage performances focused on their own compositions. In the run up to carnival and on the day of the carnival parade, Baque Luar will be working Thalita Domingues, from Nação do Maracatu Porto Rico and who also leads Maracatu Asé d’Ori, in Aracaju, Brazil, with Bigato Pereira.

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Upcoming events

Tambores Livres Presentation (Tribo + BdA)

23 August 2019
Hootenanny, Brixton

Dress Rehearsal

24 August 2019
Maxilla Centre, Notting Hill

Final Rehearsal

25 August 2019
Maxilla Centre, Notting Hill